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synetz - international Large Scale Interactive Group Facilitation
synetz - international With synetz - international excellent large group sessions you ignite the fire in your employees and leaders!
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The situation
Large group events are ideal for anchoring change and identity in your company. You are able to reach out to a larger number of your employees. Nowhere else can strategic and cultural change able to be better embodied than at a large group event.

Our service
synetz - international core competence is the creation of dynamic and interactive events - whether for 30 or more than 1000 people. We tailor-make large group sessions according to YOUR communication and situational needs - innovation and creativity are our competencies! Examples of the kinds of events we mastermind include:

synetz - international Future Search Conferences

Open Space Technology

World CafÉ

Appreciative Inquiry Summits

Speed Geeking

And numerous tailormade event designs!

Your Benefit
Your managers and your staff feel that they are being included. As a leader you are visible to your staff because you are in personal contact with them. Your strategy is widely communicated and discussed. Your company´s identity gets strong.

Large Group Interventions
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Open Space Technology
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Europe Germany:
Stefanie Neubeck
mobile 0049 1796659451

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Eastern Europe:
Stefanie Neubeck
phone 0049 30 69516830
mobile 0049 179 6659451

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Asia India: A.S.Vasudevan
mobile 0091 9443329811